Adsense Payment Troubleshooter | Wire Transfer Troubleshooter

Many times, there is a delay in getting money from Google Adsense. That’s why we can need the AdSense Wire Transfer Troubleshooter.

The Adsense payment troubleshooter is used to track Adsense payments. However, I’m having trouble. Sorry to say that Google has no adsense official wire transfer troubleshooter. 

Don’t worry, I shared what you have to do to track the payment. If your wire transfer is still not received or completed, then follow our working tips.

We have tried to tell you what to do if you do not receive the money within 1 to 15 days. So, go down below and check the AdSense payment troubleshooter manually by

Last Update January 23

Adsense Payment Troubleshooter

Adsense Payment Troubleshooter
Adsense Payment Troubleshooter

You have to wait at least 15 days for the next action with Google Adsense. That means you have to wait up to 15 days after the payment is released.

If the payment comes within those days, that is great.

But if payment doesn’t come to your bank account, please follow our rules below.

✅ If less than 3-4 days, payment is not received: Please allow at least 3-4 days to receive money in your bank account.


✅ If you do not receive payment even after 5 days: please contact your bank branch and tell them your Adsense payment number, payment date, and payment amount.


✅ If payment is not received even after 15 days: please contact the Google Adsense payment support team by using the email: or by using the wire transfer Troubleshooter Form below.


Wire Transfer Troubleshooter Form

Fill up this form by logging in to your Google Adsense email account and submitting them.

The Google team will send a message to your email address. Then tell them your problems. Google will ask some questions like “payment release date,” “payment number,” “payment amount,” etc.

After that, they will tell you where your money is. Thus, Google’s adsense payment tracker works.

Final Touch

Google has no Adsense payment troubleshooter. But you can follow our tips to check your payment.

You can visit the Google Adsense contact number post if want to directly talk with Adsense customer service.

Besides, Google Adsense-related all problem solutions are available on our website.

If you have any questions regarding the post, then feel free to comment below. We will respond soon.

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