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(UPDATED) Auto Heroes Tier List 2021 | New Tier List

Recently we updated the tier list of this game. It is the most up-to-date Auto Heroes Tier List. So, here you are seeing the latest tier list.

It is great news that Today I am going to reveal the Auto Heroes Tier List 2021 (UPDATED). So, you can see the newly updated tier list of this game.

Auto Heroes Tier List
Auto Heroes Tier List

According to 2021, the dota 2 auto chess tier list has been updated in this post. In this post, we have discussed the Auto Heroes best Angels tier list. Although, it is not possible to make the list 100% accurate. Still, we have tried to make the best champions list for the audience. So, read the full article to get more info.

Notice: We have collected information from many other high-profile websites, YouTubers, and legendary players. you can see the best characters list in Iron Saga. I think This all information will helpful for beginner players.

Suggestion: If you are a new player, this post can be helpful for your gameplay. Because from this tier list, you can know which character will more helpful for you. Then you can upgrade them one by one.

Auto Heroes Tier List 2021

Last Update Tier list Oct 05

Here, we added the Auto Heroes Tier List. This list will be helpful for you to find out the best of character. 

Auto Heroes Tier Means

  • S – The best in-game Currently
  • A – Good, Top tier under certain circumstances
  • B – Viable, if used with correct Team
  • C – Bad (only good in a certain scenario)
  • D – Very Bad

Auto Heroes Tier List ( Legendary )

Cassio S
Morrigan S
Hem S
Alia S
Ophelia A
Winnie A
Jack A
Okat A
Maglov A
Raphael A
Meve B 
Kent B
Otter B
Valkyrie B
Tesla C
Lilith D
Istana C
Sistina D

Auto Heroes Tier List ( Elite & Rare )

Ajani S
Teresa A
Alice A
Furvin B
Castham B+
Ed B
Lohns B
Serra B
Asha C
Umezawa B
Nyx C
Luna C
Atama C
Thorne D
Shadi D

Conclusion: Welcome to the Auto Heroes Tier List 2021 posts. In this article, you can see tier list New updated Tier List. If you like the post, please comment below the post.

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