(Updated) Auto Heroes Tier List 2023

Auto heroes is a popular video game for mobile. It is well known for the cthulhu style & strategy idle. There has more unique brain-burning strategy for every player. May you also like this game.

Let’s talk about the auto heroes tier list. This is the main theme of our post. We have made the best team for our visitors so that they can survive as new or existing players. We have to try to make auto heroes best heroes tier list.

Our auto heroes tier list is the complete lier list. All of the heroes are available here since the game was released. I hope it will be one of the best classes of auto heroes.

Auto Heroes Tier List
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Auto Heroes Tier List

The game tier list mentions the differentiation of top and worst characters. Here are available four classes which are S, A, B, and C. let explain the meaning of the classes.

S – The best character in-game 

A – Good character

B – Normal character

C – Bad 

Last Update January 23

Auto Heroes “S” Tier List

Heroes Name Class Tier
Cassio Sword S
Morrigan Caster S
Hem Caster S
Alia Sword S
Ajani Caster S

Auto Heroes “A” Tier List

Heroes Name Class Tier
Ophelia Tank A
Winnie Archer A
Jack Archer A
Okat Tank A
Maglov Tank A
Raphael Caster A
Teresa Tank A
Alice Archer A
ACE Sword A

Auto Heroes “B” Tier List

Heroes Name Class Tier
Meve Caster B
Kent Tank B
Otter Sword B
Valkyrie Sword B
Furvin Archer B
Castham Caster B
Ed Tank B
Lohns Sword B
Serra Tank B

Auto Heroes “C” Tier List

Heroes Name Class Tier
Tesla Tank C
Lilith Sword C
Istana Archer C
Asha Archer C
Nyx Tank C
Luna Caster C
Atama Caster C

Auto Heroes’ best team has made. This game has 6 different factions. If you are a new player then, it will be more helpful for you.

Auto Heroes Best Class Guide

We collected information to make the tier list from famous YouTuber, legend players, and some websites based. I hope this is the best class for auto heroes.

You should also make it whatever you like. you can follow the Reddit page where many people post their own auto heroes Tier List. So, it totally depends on you.

Besides, you can search on youtube where found lots of videos, you can take ideas from there.

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Auto Heroes Tier List Reddit

Reddit is one of the best options to find information about the game tier list. Whether you want to get auto heroes Tier List or auto heroes redeem code, these must be found on the Reddit page.

You can also follow Auto Heroes Official Reddit Page to get updated news on the game.

Source: All Information is collected from different sources. All sources link is attached below.

Auto Heroes Official links:


On this page, the auto heroes tier list is our opinion. So, you can different structure. We just want to help new people to make a strong team.

We want to know from you which heroes you like more. Let me, other people, by comment below the post. Let’s make a big community here.

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