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Battle Cats All Cats List 2021

In this post, I will talk about Battle Cats all cats. you can see all category cats classifications of Battle Cats.

Battle Cats tower defense game free role play game. It is developed by PONOS Corporation. Battle cats game is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. It has more than 2000+ Characters in this game.

Here, you can see the normal cat Categories, Top 10 Strongest Cats in Battle Cats, and more. let’s see the full post.

All Normal Cat Categories list

Cat Tank CatAxe CatGross CatCow CatBird CatFish Cat Lizard CatTitan Cat
Macho CatWall CatBrave CatSexy Legs CatGiraffe CatUFO CatWhale CatDragon CatMythical Titan Cat
Mohawk CatEraser Cat Dark CatMacho Leg CatLion CatThe Flying CatIsland CatKing Dragon CatJamiera Cat

Top 10 Strongest Cats in Battle Cats

Bahamut Cat
King Dragon Cat
Salon Cat
Crazed Cat
Crazed Dragon Cat
Macho Cat
Kasa Jizo
Crazed Tank
Titan Cat

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