(Best Team) Disney Heroes Tier List 2022

We’ll do our best to populate the next disney heroes tier list with the most powerful characters. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy our upcoming disney heroes tier list. The game’s tier list may differ from that of other games. However, we made disney heroes best team 2022 the finest characters in the game.

The disney heroes best team has been modified in this post to reflect the year 2022. The Disney heroes fight mode tier list was covered in this post. However, it is impossible to make the list completely correct. Nonetheless, we have attempted to compile the finest Disney combat heroes list for the general public. To learn more, read the entire article.

If you’re a new player, this guide can help you get started. Because you can tell which character will be more useful for you based on the tier list. After that, you can upgrade them one at a time.

Disney Heroes Tier List
Disney Heroes Tier List


Dffoo Tier list

What is Tier List Mean

Here we added the meaning of each tier A, S, B, and C.

  • S Tier: The best heroes in almost every sector.
  • A Tier: Good heroes.
  • B Tier: Average heroes.
  • C Tier: weak heroes. Don’t use them more times.

Disney Heroes Tier List 2022: New

The Disney Heroes tier list has been posted here. This list will assist you in discovering the best aspects of your personality. The following is a tier list of the top Disney combat heroes.

Last Update July 27

Disney Heroes DPS Tier List (New)

A TierB TierS TierC Tier
MushuMoanaDr. Bunsen Honeydew and BeakerMerida
ElastigirlPeter PanShan YuAladdin

Disney Heroes Tank Tier List (New)

A TierS TierC TierB Tier
Mr. IncredibleSlinky DogBalooGonzo
HadesBaymaxRexChief Bogo

Disney Heroes Support Tier List (New)

S TierA TierB TierC Tier
Kristoff & SvenKevin FlynnRafikiWoody
TronRapunzelLaunchpad McQuackGizmoduck

Disney Heroes Control Tier List (New)

A TierB TierC TierS Tier
Flynn RiderHiro HamadaBasilJafar
JasmineGaston; HueyFinnickTia Dalma
AngelDewey & LouieFrozoneHoney Lemon

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