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Evil hunter Tycoon Free Gems,item list, characteristics

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In this post, I will share Evil hunter Tycoon game-related lots of information that will be helpful for you. Here you are going to find Evil hunter Tycoon mod apk, Evil hunter Tycoon Free Gems, Evil hunter Tycoon item list, Evil hunter Tycoon characteristics, and other information.

Evil hunter Tycoon
Evil hunter Tycoon


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Evil hunter Tycoon characteristics: (item list)

Here, we add the best to worst characteristics. Evil hunter Tycoon item list is available here. I hope it will helpful for you.

Best Hunter characteristic:

  • Swift: increase ATK SPD by 10%
  • Strong: increase ATK by 10%
  • Skinny: decrease Food consumption by 20%
  • Sharp: increase CRIT by 3%
  • Rich: find more gold when hunting by 20%
  • Optimistic: decrease Mood consumption by 2%
  • Nimble: increase Evasion by 3%
  • Man of Steel: decrease damage taken by 10%
  • Heroic: increase ATK SPD, ATK and movement speed by 7%
  • Gambler: increase enchantment success rate by 5%
  • Fast Runner: increase movement speed by 10%
  • Energetic: decrease Stamina consumption by 20%
  • Charismatic: help party’s stats when in the Dungeon and Coliseum by 5%
  • Careless: sell items 20% cheaper

Middle Hunter characteristic:

  • Thickheaded: decrease ATK SPD by 10%
  • Stingy: sell items 20% more expensive
  • Sluggish: decrease Evasion by 3%
  • Slow: decrease movement speed by 10%
  • Pessimistic: increase Mood consumption by 20%
  • Overweight: increase Food consumption by 20%
  • Laggard: decrease EXP gain by 10%
  • Fragile: decrease ATK by 10%
  • Dull: decrease CRIT by 3%
  • Dead Weight: burden party’s stats when in the Dungeon and Coliseum by 5%
  • Coward: always runs away early when hunting with just a few hits
  • Baggy Eyes: increase Stamina consumption by 20%

Bad Hunter characteristic:

  • YOLO: never runs away
  • Scared of Hospital: afraid when going to the Infirmary; always leave from hunting with low HP
  • Rude: no effect
  • Ordinary: no effect
  • Naughty: no effect
  • Internet Troll: no effect
  • Fearless: does not run away from the battle
  • Addict: makes a weird noise when consuming a potion

How to Earn Free Gems in Evil hunter Tycoon:

If you want to earn free gems then you can follow some steps to get free gems in Evil hunter Tycoon. Go to the…

  1. Achievements
  2. Ads (15 ads x 6 gems per ad =90 gems per day)
  3. VIP Daily Login (30 gems)
  4. Quests after finishing the novice questions(7 gems)
  5. Dungeon clearance reward (every 25 floors) *Thx to Flo
  6. Repeating Quest (7 Gem) *Thx to MansTa_Xz Have fun and hope you get a lot of them

I hope you can successfully collect from here.

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