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(NEW) Goddess of Genesis Tier List 2021

Recently we updated the tier list of Goddess of genesis. It is the most up-to-date Goddess of the genesis tier list. So now, here you are seeing the latest tier list.

It is great news that Today I am going to reveal the Goddess of genesis tier list (updated). Here, you will see the newly updated tier list of this game.

According to 2021, The Goddess of genesis 2021 tier list has been updated here. In this post, we have discussed the Goddess of the genesis tier list. we have tried to make the best characters list for the audience. So, read the full article to get more info.

Goddess of genesis tier list
Goddess of the genesis tier list

If you want to know about the goddess of genesis hero tier list. Then read more under. goddess of genesis top-tier has available in this post.

We have collected information from many other high-profile websites, YouTubers, and legendary players. you can see the aov hero tier list also. I think This all information will helpful for beginner players.

Goddess of Genesis Tier List (Character)

Here, we added the goddess of genesis weapon tier list. This list will be helpful for you to find out the best of your character. The goddess of genesis tier hero is given below.

New Update Oct 18

Goddess of genesis weapon tier list:

You can see the top 10 most powerful weapons in Goddess of genesis. So, you can choose the best weapon for you.

  1. Funeral of God
  2. Dragon Bane
  3. The Chosen
  4. Aurora Execution
  5. Athena’s Staff
  6. Key of Heaven
  7. Hera’s Sigh
  8. Underworld Judge
  9. Five Roaring Stars
  10. Lance of Eternity

Goddess of genesis best heroes:

Here we added the best 5 heroes in Goddess of genesis.

  1. Dracula
  2. Isabella
  3. lucifer
  4. Abe no seimei
  5. Alice

Goddess of genesis gift code 2021:

Here we added the most updated codes list. you can use these codes to get free rewards.

ConclusionWelcome to the Goddess of genesis tier list posts. In this article, you can see the New updated Tier List of this game. If you like the post, please comment below the post.

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