(New) Hero Summoner Tier List 2023

Before making a tier list, you have to know the heroes’ characteristics. A tier list could be a variety of types. My opinion is entirely my own. We made a Hero Summoner Tier List that included only top-level and strong heroes from every class.

Hero Summoner is the latest Free Idle Game. There are lots of heroes. We are just trying to make the best team in Hero Summoner. I think it will be a strong team.

The main purpose of the tier list is to bring out all the strong heroes. It is very normal to have differences of opinion here. I would say you can get ideas from here. Then you can make it as you wish.

Here you will get the strongest class of Hero Summoner as well as the Hero Summoner Redeem Code.

Hero Summoner Tier List
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Auto Heroes Tier List

Hero Summoner Tier List 2023

If you are a new player, then our Hero Summoner Tier List will make it easy to find out which heroes are stronger.

As I said before, we just made the top-tier list of top heroes in every class. These are the strongest of the hero classes. So, here we only include the “S” class hero, who is top-rated.

Last Update January 23

Hero Summoner Top Heroes Tier List

Heroes Name Class  Tier
Tabitha Priest S
Flower Fairy Wizards S
Ageir Rangers S
Arch Demon Wizards S
Leviathan Wizards S
Behemoth Warrior S
Eriyin Priest S
Lilith Warrior S
Undead Lord Rangers S
Kadir Wizards S
Ingibjorg Assassins S
Malphite Priest S

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Hero Summoner Game Features

Here are the game features of the Hero Summoner game. If you are a new or old player, it doesn’t matter. You should know about the game’s features. It will give you an idea of the game, and you will be able to play it better. Check out the game feature below.

  • There have more than 100+ Heroes
  • Each hero has 2 to 4 skills
  • Duel with global players
  • Win various dungeons and get rewards
  • Real-time Chat
  • Available Idle mode, AFK mode: auto-battle and time-saving
  • Strategies gameplay 
  • optimize your team and win game.

Disclaimer:  All information is collected from Hero Summoner’s google play store.


We have tried to make the best hero summoner tier list. As a new player, it will improve your gameplay. 

Which heroes do you like most? you can know us by commenting below. 

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