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How to play youtube in background on PC (Easy Ways)

Youtube is the most popular video streaming site in the world. Many times of day we watch YouTube videos. we spend 4-5 hours to see youtube videos. Millions of people search on youtube to see different types of videos. youtube is a free and easy to use the website and you will find internet-based problem solutions. That’s why youtube users increasing day by day.

People have moved from google to youtube more than 30% in the world. Many people used to search on Google but now they search on YouTube.That’s why the number of YouTube users is increasing day by day.

Why we need a youtube background player?

Youtube background play is very important for us. Because When we work on a page of a browser, we cannot watch YouTube videos on other pages. we just can hear the sound of the video. During the working time, we can’t see youtube videos. Because we can’t use youtube in the background or any side of the scereen.You must use YouTube Background Player if you want to solve this problem. That’s why we need a youtube background player.

Youtube background player

How to play youtube in the background? This is a common question for most of the people. youtube background player is a background player that helps you to play youtube videos on any side or corner of a computer monitor screen. Floating youtube is a most popular youtube player which helps you to play youtube video on your computer screen. Today I tell you about the Floating youtube background player.

Floating youtube background player

Floating for YouTube is a web-browser add-on or extension. It has more than 600,000 users in the world and an average rating of 4 on 5. So, we can say this is a really fantastic tool. Floating for youtube gives you a player where you can play youtube videos in the browser background.

How to play youtube in background PC in the background?

Are you want to play youtube videos when you work on another page on a PC. Then you can’t see the video when you work. Don’t worry, today I will tell you a way to play a youtube video in the background.

How to put a youtube video in corner of the screen. youtube player for pc.The name of the tool is floating youtube.

First of all, you need google chrome to add on to play youtube videos in the background.

Click Here to Download floating addon for Google chrome.


Youtube background player set up

Step 1: Click above to add an addon in google chrome or other web browsers. Then click on add to chrome.

Step 2: Then you can see the launch app. After clicking there you will see a popup window. you see a box just copy the youtube video URL and then paste it in the box. the video will play automatically.

(Note that: Official video will not working)

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