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Lords Mobile Tier List 2021 (Best Hero)

Lords mobile tier list 2021: In this post, you can see Best Hero Lords mobile tier list 2021. According to the power of the hero, this list is made. This is an updated list tier of Lords mobile. So, you can see this list from our post.

If you are a new player of Lords mobile. You should know about Lords mobile hero. Then you can upgrade the hero character step by step and you can understand which hero will be best for you to upgrade.

According to the Lords mobile tier list, you can find out the best Lords Mobile heroes. So, I will tell you, top 10 Hero of Lords mobile to upgrade.

Lords mobile tier list 2021: (Top 10 Hero list)

Here, we added the top 10 Best Heroes in Lords Mobile. Here is the Lord mobile tier list.

Last Update Oct 18

1. Rose Knight

2. Demon Slayer

3. Tracker

4. Prima Donna

5. Trickster

6. Child of Light

7. Death Knight

8. Incinerator

9. Black Crow

10. Night Raven

Conclusion: In this post, we added the Lord’s mobile tier list of 2021. you can see the top 10 heroes of Lords mobile.

Who is the strongest player in Lords Mobile?

amBrenChong is the strongest player in Lords Mobile?

Is Lords Mobile a good game?

Yes, I hope you also like its graphic quality.

How much money does Lords Mobile make?

According to 2021, an estimate $600 million

What happens when you run out of food Lords mobile?

Nothing happens, your troops stay alive even with negative food income. It’s a bug that players have been exploiting since the start of the game, having very little food income as their troops will not die as they should

Which troops are best in Lords mobile?

  • Grunt (Inf)
  • Archer (Rng)
  • Cataphract (Cvl)
  • Ballista (Sge)

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