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(NEW) Lost Lands 3 walkthrough 2022

Welcome to Lost Lands 3 walkthrough post.

Lost Lands 3 walkthrough
Lost Lands 3 walkthrough

I hope you play the Lost Lands game. Then this post will helpful for you. Because in this post, you will find the Lost Lands 3 walkthrough And game Guide. you will improve your gameplay.

Besides, you can get General Tips of Lost Lands. This tip is for all versions of the Lost Lands game. So, if you are new to this game you will be beneficial from here.

We always try to update the latest Lost Lands 3 walkthrough here. So, visit this post daily to get the new update.


Lost Lands 1 walkthrough And Guide

Lost Lands 3 Walkthrough & Guide 2022

Last Update January 17

  • Talk to Uri
  • Take the bark
  • Select the flower, but use the dagger on the root and get the flower root
  • Get the fireflies with the butterfly net
  • Get the Lily with the dagger
  • Select the box
  • Puzzle solution: 3C, B, A, 4C, B, A, 4C, B, A, 3C, B, A, C, B, and finally A
  • get another red disc and go to the forest
  • Put the fireflies in the lantern
  • Zoom debris and get the Hop, play the Hop and get the claw hammer
  • Go to the swamp
  • Use the claw hammer on the bolts to get an oar
  • Use the oar on the cage to get an empty bottle and a page with a constellation
  • Get the tree sap (dagger on empty bottle)
  • Get the mushrooms with the dagger
  • Examine the table (in Uri’s cottage)
  • Put the pondweed, the bark, the mushrooms and the flower root in the bowl, then use the pestle
  • Put the Lily in the holder, use the bowl and the tree sap there and get the enchanted lily
  • Use the enchanted lily on the pad (swamp)
  • Talk to the lake spirit
  • Take the arrow with rope and place it on the crossbow to get the loaded crossbow
  • Use the loaded crossbow on the gangplant and enter the ship
  • take the red octagon and the brush
  • Oil on the winch and select it
  • Take the mechanism part (use dagger on the rope)
  • Open the book and use the page with a constellation on it and open the correct cells acording to the paper
  • get another red disc and go outside the tree
  • Place the 3 red discs on the door, solve the puzzle and enter the passage
  • Read the note and take the stick
  • use the stick on the rock, but don’t forget to note the clue
  • Use the brush on the moss (outside the ship) and note another clue
  • Remove the cloth (captain’s cabin) and note another clue
  • Take the purple octagon
  • select the lock and put the mechanism part there
  • Set the arrows acording to your clues (Longer – anchor, medium – ship, short – rudder)
  • Open the shell to get the pearl
  • Give the pearl to lake spirit (swamp) and go forward

Lost Lands Game General Tips

  • This is the authority manage for Lost Lands: Dark Overlord. 
  • This guide won’t specify each time you need to zoom into an area; the screen captures will show each zoom scene. 
  • We will utilize the abbreviation HOP for Hidden-object puzzles. Intelligent things will be shading coded and some will be numbered; if it’s not too much trouble, follow the numbers in the grouping. 
  • The HOP records might be arbitrary; our rundowns may shift from yours. 
  • Utilize the guide (1) to check target areas and quick travel to recently opened areas. 
  • Select the diary (2) for hints and story refreshes. 
  • Select the parchment (3) for your assignment list.

ConclusionThank you so much for visiting here. we hope this walkthrough will helpful and useful for you. If you have any questions regarding the Lost Lands 3 walkthrough post. Then please comment below the post.

We will replay soon.

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