(NEW) Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough 2023

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Lost Lands 4 walkthrough

Lost Lands 4 walkthrough & Guide

Last Update January 22

  • Take the stool leg
  • take the long plank (outside – water)
  • Get the hop (zoom > cart), and play the hop to get a crystal
  • Place the long plant on the gap
  • Talk to Uri (upstairs)
  • Take a Sapphire with the owl
  • Get the Teddy bear and an Emerald, the tongs and the breadcrums
  • Use breadcrumbs & butterfly net in water to get a fish
  • Use the fish on the pelican (outside-water) to get a key
  • Key in the lock, turn it and enter the cottage
  • Take another stool leg
  • Get the gold octagon with tongs
  • Get the mosaic piece (dagger > pillow)
  • Take the clock hand and get the clie
  • Put the clock hand on clock and set it per the clue
  • get the fish figurine and put it on the box
  • Puzzle solution: all in the center, from biggest to smallest, once solved, take the bird figurine
  • Put the 2 stool legs on the stool, and take it
  • Place the stool on the floor (cottage)
  • Take the picture and the stick
  • place the stick in the hook, select it 3 times and get a boat hook
  • place the mosaic piece on the mosaic (Uri’s Cottage) and solve the puzzle
  • Zoom into the center to get a hop, play it and receive a crystal
  • Put the picture on the wall (Captain’s cabin) and find the matches to get the deer figurine
  • Go outside > put the 2 crystals in the slots > pull the lever to enter the library
  • Take the coin
  • Use the dagger on the map and take the fish figurine
  • go to the top of the tree
  • Pedestals: left – bird figurine, middle – fish figurine, right – deer figurine
  • take the gake key and open the gate with it

Lost Lands Game General Tips

  • This is the authority manage for Lost Lands: Dark Overlord. 
  • This guide won’t specify each time you need to zoom into an area; the screen captures will show each zoom scene. 
  • We will utilize the abbreviation HOP for Hidden-object puzzles. Intelligent things will be shading coded and some will be numbered; if it’s not too much trouble, follow the numbers in the grouping. 
  • The HOP records might be arbitrary; our rundowns may shift from yours. 
  • Utilize the guide (1) to check target areas and quick travel to recently opened areas. 
  • Select the diary (2) for hints and story refreshes. 
  • Select the parchment (3) for your assignment list.


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