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(NEW) Lost Lands 5 walkthrough and Guide 2021

Welcome to Lost Lands 5 walkthrough post.

Lost Lands 5 walkthrough
Lost Lands 5 walkthrough

I hope you play the Lost Lands game. Then this post will helpful for you. Because in this post, you will find the Lost Lands 5 walkthrough And game Guide. you will improve your gameplay.

Besides, you can get General Tips of Lost Lands. This tip is for all versions of the Lost Lands game. So, if you are new to this game you will be beneficial from here.

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Lost Lands 5 Walkthrough & Guide 2021

  • Open the lid and take the statue head
  • Select torch 3 times to get the Torch
  • Go to underground descent and use the boat hook on the sack, then take the lever and the sack
  • Put the lever in the slot, pull the two levers, and get the tar
  • Use the tar in the pot then the torch in it to get a torch
  • Put the torch on the holder (underground descent) and zoom into the hoop, play it and get dynamite
  • Take the spade and also an Emerald
  • take the handle (underground lake) and go to the demon statue
  • Remove the broken handle and use the handle there, but select it twice to get a Pick
  • Use the spade on the rubble, select the tapestry and get the wooden cog
  • take a sapphire (dagger on rope), then read the book
  • Get out, use the pick on the wall and get a coin
  • Go to underground lake, use dynamite & torch in the hole
  • Put the wooden cog on the winch and go to the hanging bridges (right)
  • Take the corkscrew and go to the ship
  • Use the corkscreew on the cork and get the torn page
  • use sack on the powder and get the gun powder
  • put the torn page on the book and assemble the pages
  • go to Hanging bridges, and put a coin in each base
  • Place the statues acording to the clues in your journal
  • Remove the cover and take the statue head
  • Find the key
  • zoom the alcove and get a hop, play it and get a sapphire
  • Go to the lift and take: Broom, emerald and stone horn
  • use key on padlock, remove it and get inside
  • Use broom on cobwebs to get the diagram
  • Go to underground lake and place the stone horn on the helmet to get a sapphire
  • Take an emerald
  • Put the 4 sapphires in the slots, and the the 4 emerands in the slots too
  • select the runes (1 to 10)
  • read the note and take the green octagon
  • remove the cloth (Uri’s cottage) and put the red, purple, gold and green octagon in the slots
  • Puzzle solution: Place the octagons in their matching slots
  • get the solvent and also the continent figurine
  • Go to captain’s cabin: Continent figurine on the globe, then take the cross shaped key
  • In the library: Solvent on the stain and select the diagram
  • In the bank at the cliffs use the cross shaped key on the lock and get the magnet
  • GO to the cottage (water) and use the magnet to get the star medallion
  • At the lift: Examine the pedestal and select the heads in order
  • Go to the library and place the star medallion in the slot to get an orb
  • Put the orb on the pedestal (underground lake shore
  • Talk to the spirit and take the cog
  • Lift: Put the cog on the panel and connect all the cogs, select the door and continue

Lost Lands Game General Tips:

  • This is the authority manage for Lost Lands: Dark Overlord. 
  • This guide won’t specify each time you need to zoom into an area; the screen captures will show each zoom scene. 
  • We will utilize the abbreviation HOP for Hidden-object puzzles. Intelligent things will be shading coded and some will be numbered; if it’s not too much trouble, follow the numbers in the grouping. 
  • The HOP records might be arbitrary; our rundowns may shift from yours. 
  • Utilize the guide (1) to check target areas and quick travel to recently opened areas. 
  • Select the diary (2) for hints and story refreshes. 
  • Select the parchment (3) for your assignment list.

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