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(NEW) Lost Lands 6 walkthrough 2021

Welcome to Lost Lands 6 walkthrough post.

Lost Lands 6 walkthrough
Lost Lands 6 walkthrough

I hope you play the Lost Lands game. Then this post will helpful for you. Because in this post, you will find the Lost Lands 6 walkthrough And game Guide. you will improve your gameplay.

Besides, you can get General Tips of Lost Lands. This tip is for all versions of the Lost Lands game. So, if you are new to this game you will be beneficial from here.

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Lost Lands 6 Walkthrough & Guide 2021

  • Take a bas relief piece
  • Take the shovel and the coins
  • use the shovel on the snow to get a hammer, then put the hammer in the statue’s hands
  • Get the statue head
  • send the owl and get the valve
  • Use the zoom in the tent (once opened) and get a hop, play it and get the Oven Mitt
  • Caves: Put the 3 statue heads and restore the statues
  • Take the mosaic pieces
  • Demon statue: Place the mosaic pieces on the mosaic and complete the image
  • read the note & take the buttons
  • Outside the castle: Put the diagram and also the buttons on the door and solve the puzzle
  • get the key (select anywhere)
  • Take the bas relief piece with the owl
  • get the sword with the oven mitt
  • take the fire symbol, open the curtain and get into the corridors
  • Get a bas relief piece (push in both swords)
  • Use the key (lock)
  • Select the symbol and get a clue
  • Dirigible (exit): sword on the ice, take the object in ice and select the clue
  • corridors: Examine the door and solve the puzzle (duplicate the position acording to your journal
  • Upstairs: Talk to the alchemist
  • Dagger on cheese to get a piece of cheese
  • Take the symbol (move the hide)
  • Open the door, zoom in and get a hop, play it and get the pincers
  • Put the object you found in the ice on the fire, use the pincers and get the statuette
  • Place the statuette on the bedpost, take the pieces and read the note
  • Put the piece of cheese on the hole and get the rat
  • Place the pieces on the mosaic and solve the puzzle by switching the pieces
  • Take the propeller blade and another symbol
  • viewing point: Take the coal and the blanck piece of paper
  • Dirigible (exit): Rat on the leopard
  • Take the air symbol and the valve
  • Remove top propeller and put the propeller blade there, then select the airship
  • Assemble the burner, place the items (outlines)
  • Take the symbol and the cups
  • Corridors: Place the symbols in their corresponding slots
  • Zoom (alcove), assemble the castle and take the earth symbol
  • Lift: Black piece of paper and coal on the board, then take the dining set diagram
  • Captain’s cabin: Put the cups and dining set diagram on shelves and solve the puzzle (arrange the cups)
  • Take the book and go to the library
  • Put the book on the shelf and complete the image
  • Take the water symbol and go to Viewing point
  • Use the telescope
  • Put the fire, air, earth and water symbols in their slots, then take the needle and select the diagram (clue)
  • Put the 2 valves on the stems, but rotate to set the gauges (clue)
  • Gauges solution: left – 20:40, middle – 12:00, right – 14:10
  • Dirigible (exit): needle on the hole > select airship > turn the valve > select airship

Lost Lands Game General Tips:

  • This is the authority manage for Lost Lands: Dark Overlord. 
  • This guide won’t specify each time you need to zoom into an area; the screen captures will show each zoom scene. 
  • We will utilize the abbreviation HOP for Hidden-object puzzles. Intelligent things will be shading coded and some will be numbered; if it’s not too much trouble, follow the numbers in the grouping. 
  • The HOP records might be arbitrary; our rundowns may shift from yours. 
  • Utilize the guide (1) to check target areas and quick travel to recently opened areas. 
  • Select the diary (2) for hints and story refreshes. 
  • Select the parchment (3) for your assignment list.

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