(NEW) Lost Lands 7 walkthrough 2022
Game Walkthrough

(NEW) Lost Lands 7 walkthrough 2022

Welcome to Lost Lands 7 walkthrough post.

Lost Lands 7 walkthrough
Lost Lands 7 walkthrough

I hope you play the Lost Lands game. Then this post will helpful for you. Because in this post, you will find the Lost Lands 7 walkthrough And game Guide. you will improve your gameplay.

Besides, you can get General Tips of Lost Lands. This tip is for all versions of the Lost Lands game. So, if you are new to this game you will be beneficial from here.

We always try to update the latest Lost Lands 7 walkthrough here. So, visit this post daily to get the new update.

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Lost Lands 7 walkthrough & Guide 2022

New Update January 15

  • Use the owl and get the ramrod
  • Take the cannon ball and the mallet
  • Mallet on wheel to take it, also take the rune
  • Place gunpowder, cannon ball and ramrod in the cannon
  • Wheel on the axle and use the mallet there
  • Push the cannon twice
  • Read the note, take the rune and the bas relief piece
  • Staircase: take the bas relief piece and the rune
  • Viewing point: 3 runes in their corresponding slots
  • Connect the pipes
  • Turn the dragon heads (facing the owl) and get the glass owl
  • Path to the castle. Glass owl on the pillar
  • Select the runes (clue)
  • Tower hall: Examine the door & select the correct runes
  • Talk to the alchemist and take bas relief piece, rails and flask
  • Read the recipe and zoom the alcove to get a hop, play it and get the dried night shade berries
  • Underground descent: remove the cover and place the rails on the chest, then solve the puzzle
  • Take the bas relief piece and also the circle segment
  • Tower hall: Circle segment on the look, then line up the pieces
  • Greenhouse: Use owl and get sun figurine
  • Observatory: Put the sun figurine in the middle and take the tablet piece
  • Dwarf’s room: Put the tablet piece on the tablet
  • Fleurs de lis in order
  • Taje the bas relief piece and also the glove
  • Greenhouse: get the trowel (move the leaves)
  • Trowel on the dirt, also use the glove and get the mandrake root
  • Take the key and go to the alchemist laboratory
  • Key on the look, then take the recipe, the dropper and also the pyramid
  • Observatory: Put the pyramid on the pedestal, drag the planets to their locations and take the crown
  • Tower hall: crown on the statue
  • Indoor patio: Take the lens and the 7 rosebuds
  • Flask on water to get a flask of water
  • take the pearl (move the oyster and use the dagger), the mosaic piece and also the bas relief piece
  • Zoom (gazebo) to get a hop, play it and get the scale dish
  • greenhouse: dropper in the plant to get a pitcher plant nectar
  • Dagger on the vines and mosaic piece on the disk, then arrange the discs to solve the puzzle
  • Take the bas relief piece and also the flute
  • Flute on the snake, then get the copper powder and also the snake scales
  • Observatory: Scale dish on the scale, then coins on the scale
  • Move four coins from left to right scale and place the lens on top
  • Flask of water on the beam to get lunar tears
  • Throne room: 10 bas relief pieces on the bas relief to get dragon’s blood
  • Alchemist’s laboratory: Take the aconite and zoom (mantle)
  • Dried nightshade berries in the beaker
  • Mandrake root on the board, use the dagger and select it
  • 7 rosebuds and also aconite in the mortar, then select the pestle
  • Pitcher plant nectar in the beaker, then select the mortar
  • Take the life potion and go to the underground lake shore.

Lost Lands Game General Tips

  • This is the authority manage for Lost Lands: Dark Overlord. 
  • This guide won’t specify each time you need to zoom into an area; the screen captures will show each zoom scene. 
  • We will utilize the abbreviation HOP for Hidden-object puzzles. Intelligent things will be shading coded and some will be numbered; if it’s not too much trouble, follow the numbers in the grouping. 
  • The HOP records might be arbitrary; our rundowns may shift from yours. 
  • Utilize the guide (1) to check target areas and quick travel to recently opened areas. 
  • Select the diary (2) for hints and story refreshes. 
  • Select the parchment (3) for your assignment list.

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