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Mick Foley Net Worth 2021(Latest News)

Mick Foley net worth: Mick Foley Professional is a wrestler, writer, color commentator & actor. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana, U.S. He is born on June 7, 1965. He is Professional wrestling. Mick Foley works in wrestler 1983 to 2012. He is also a famous writer in America. 

Today we will know about Mick Foley’s net worth 2021, income sour, wife, children and etc.

Mick Foley Net Worth 2021

Mick Foley Net Worth 2021

As of 2021, His current net worth is $18 million. According to government estimates, he currently owns $18 million worth. He earns $2.88 million per year from WWE Sports. Mick Foley monthly income around 250,000 US Dollar.

Mick Foley Wife Bio

Mick Foley wife’s name is Collette Foley. She is an American model and an actress. Collette Foley and  Mick Foley got married in 1992. Collette Foley is known as WWE Monday Night RAW, Deadbeats, and Holy Foley.

How many Children Mick Foley have? 

Mick Foley has four children. Their name is Dewey Francis, Noelle Margaret, Michael Francis Jr, and Hughie Francis.

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Mick Foley height and weight

Mick Foley is a tall man. Mick Foley’s height is 6 ft 2 in and his weight is 130 kg.

Mick Foley Ring name list

Mick Foley has lots of Ring name. His ring name is given below.

  • Dude Love
  • Manson
  • Jack Foley
  • Cactus Jack
  • Mankind
  • Mick Foley
  • Santa Clause
  • St. Mick

What was Mick Foley’s wrestling name?

In the wrestling industry, Mick Foley has a different name. His full name is Michael Francis Foley. 


Mick Foley Full Bio Data

Full Name: Michael Francis Foley

Age: 54 Years

Residence: Bloomington, Indiana in the U.S

Monthly Salary: $2.88 Million

His Net Worth: $18 Million

Source of Wealth: wrestler, writer, color commentator & actor

Endorsements: WWE product

Marital Status: Married

Mick Foley’s Official Website name is  RealMickFoley.com

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