Omori Basic Controls Full Guideline

Basic Controls Guide for Omori. I’m very glad to see it finally emerge from Omori. There is a reason why I just regularly checked on one project to see if it had been released. Amazing work by the entire crew, congratulations. I won’t lie: I can’t wait to play this since the art, soundtrack, and overall tone are fuckin great! I hope the game goes well and that everyone on the team is doing well.

Omori Basic Controls Full Guideline
Omori Basic Controls Full Guideline

Omori Basic Controls

To be honest, I thought this would never be finished. Seven years have passed? This game was how I first learned about Omocat, and I recall being delighted about it. I can’t wait to play it at last! I’ve been watching this game for a very long time since it looks so fantastic! I can’t wait until this game is released!

Last Updated January 23

Basic Controls of the Omori Game:

  • Press Z to Start the Game
  • Press Z to Interact with Items
  • Press X to Exit the Item
  • Use Arrow keys to Move (Not WASD)
  • (A little later in the game) Press X to Open Menu
  • The Picnic Baskets next to Mari is to Save Your Game.
  • If you exit the game, it will not save it (I learned the hard way).
  • When you return to the White Room, Walk around, Press X (Your Menu), and click Stab.
  • Up – Arrow key Up
  • Down – Arrow key Down
  • Left – Arrow Key left
  • Right – Arrow Key Right
  • Confirm – Z
  • Cancel/Menu – X
  • Run – Shift
  • Tag – A
  • LB – Q
  • RB – W

The game controls of Omori are:

  • Up – Gamepad key Up
  • Down – Gamepad key Down
  • Left – Gamepad Key left
  • Right – Gamepad Key Right
  • Confirm – B
  • Cancel/Menu – A
  • Run – Y
  • Tag – X
  • LB – L
  • RB – R

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