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One piece Treasure Cruise Tier List 2021 (Optc Updated)

Recently we updated the tier list of this game. It is the most up-to-date tier list of one-piece treasure cruises. So, here you are seeing the latest tier list.

One-piece treasure cruise tier list: Hey, Game lovers, what’s up? It is great news that Today I am going to reveal the One piece treasure cruise tier list (updated). So, you can see the newly updated tier list of this game. So, read the full article to get more info.

This game’s short form is optc. here, We added the character tier list of this game. So, welcome to one piece treasure cruise wiki tier list.

Suggestion: If you are a new player, this post can be helpful for your better gameplay. Because from this tier list, you can know which character & legendary item will more helpful for you. Then you can upgrade them one by one.

Short description of optc: One Piece Treasure Cruise is a role-playing video game. It is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment company. This game has more than 2000 characters. you can pick any of the six-character from them.

One Piece Treasure Cruise Tier List

Here, we added the optc character tier list. This list will be helpful for you to get the best of your character.

New Update Oct 18

Optc Tier List 2021

Tier SSR (Hero)

CarrotA Mystical White Sulong
Charlotte KatakuriA Real Man’s Fight
Monkey D. LuffyGear 4 – Snakeman
Whitebeard/MarcoThe Fierce Battle at the Paramount War

Tier SSS (Hero)

CaponeGang” Bege, “Yonko Assassination Plan” Allied Forces
Garuda Vinsmoke JudgeGerma 66 Science Military Force
Inuarashi/NekomamushiAntagonistic Kings of Day and Night
KuzanDecisive Deadly Battle
LucyCorrida Colosseum Champion
Luffy/AcePirates Rising
Red Hair ShanksYonko Changing the Fate of the World
SaboStraw Hat Luffy’s Ally
SakazukiDecisive Deadly Battle
Vinsmoke SanjiGerma Kingdom’s Savior
WhitebeardVoiceless Rage

Tier SS (Hero)

Big MomEmperor Suffering from Hunger Pangs
Boa HancockStrawhat Luffy’s Supporter
Charlotte KatakuriBig Mom Pirates 3 Sweet Commanders
Heavenly Demon DoflamingoRuler of the Bird Cage
Kami EnelReturn to “Fairy Vearth”
NamiCat Burglar Decieving the “New World”
ShirahoshiPromised Reunion

Tier S (Hero)

MagellanHell’s Judgement
NamiThe Cat Burglar Deceiving the World
Nico RobinArchaeologist Revealing the Void Century
Shirahoshi-himeRyugu Kingdom Princess

Conclusion: In this post, you can see the One Piece Treasure Cruise Tier List, you can use it to select the best characters in the game.

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