Page Indexed Without Content | Google Indexing Problem Fixed

Sometimes we can see the “page indexed without content” warning/error that appears in the Google search console. New bloggers face it more. Let’s learn about the problem.

In this post, We will learn why this issue is coming and how it can be solved. Hope you find the solution to your desired issue here. Read the full article then take action.

Why Google Show Page Indexed Without Content Error

When users receive results that differ from what they expected, that’s why pages indexed without content errors appear in the Google search console. Note that this error is really just for pages that are blocked by robots.txt.

What you show to the user must also be shown to the Google Bot. In other words, if the user views the information one way and the Google bot another way, then this type of error is shown to us. 

That means Google could not read the content. But remember that this page appears in the Google index.

Basically, these are the reasons for showing the page indexed without content on Google Search Console. To learn more about the following issue, read the Index Coverage Report by Google.

Last Update January 23

How To Fix Page Indexed Without Content

Page Indexed Without Content

Basically, this type of error comes when the page has no valid content, only has an image, or only has a site logo like that.

To fix a page indexed without content, find out which page has no content in coverage, and remove that URL from the Google search console. Then start a new validating fix on the search console coverage. I hope it will be fixed in 2-3 days.

If there is such a problem in a post that has your original content, Remember not to remove it from the search console. You have to inspect the following URL again. After clicking on “Test Live URL” and “Request Indexing” again, Then start a new validation. It may take a long time to complete validation.

Final Touch

A page indexed without content is not a major issue. So, don’t be upset. Just follow our process and please wait a few days. We hope this problem will go away from your search console.

If you have more questions regarding the post, don’t forget to comment below. We will respond soon.

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