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Roblox Power Simulator Code, All powers, Training Areas 2021 (100% woking)

Roblox power simulator codeIf you are looking for the power simulator code, This post can be helpful for you.Because In this post, I have published some workable code for Power simulator. By using these codes, you can get expensive rewards and tokens in the Power Simulator game.

Power Simulator is a Roblox Game where you can be from hero to villain. This game is powered by UseCode_Rainway (YouTuber). In this post, you will find Roblox Power Simulator Wiki. If you are searching codes for power simulator, you will find the code of this game here. So, please read the full article to get rewards.

power simulator code

power simulator code 2021 (latest Code)

Here, you can find codes for the elemental power simulator and also can get power fighting simulator codes. We added here the list of Roblox power simulator codes.

power simulator code (Working Now)

  • 100M – Code for 250 Tokens (New).
  • GoldenOwl – Redeem code for 150 Tokens.
  • BOTS – Code for 150 Tokens.
  • RIPLighthouse – Code for 150 Tokens.
  • JERSITO4 – Code for 150 Tokens.
  • Tidemaster – Code for 150 Tokens.
  • 100KLikes – Code for 150 Tokens.
  • FREETOKENS – Code for 150 Tokens.
  • 35M – Code for 150 Tokens.
  • GoldenOwl – code for 150 Tokens.
  • Surge – code for 150 Tokens.
  • TokenLife – code for 175 Tokens.
  • Sub2IntelPlayz – Code for 150 Tokens.
  • Sub2Cookie – Code for 150 Tokens.
  • Sub2Bandites – Code for 150 Tokens.

You should try this come as soon as possible. Because redeem code is given for a short time then it will be expired.

How to redeem power simulator code :

If you have any new code elemental power simulator game. you should use it to get these free rewards. let’s redeem your code.

Step 1: Enter the game and go to the menu.

Step 2: Find Codes Button and Tab.

Step 3: Input your code and Click Submit Button.

If your code is valid, you will see a successful notification on your screen.

How to Find the Latest codes for power simulator Roblox:

This code is given for free and limited, you should use those code fast. I will tell you where you can get those codes free of cost. you can found this code on the social media page of the power simulator game. Besides, These codes can be found from legend YouTubers and discord.

Roblox power simulator Social Media Page link:

We added here a power simulator Social Media page or group. you can contact them through this page and also can get superpower fighting simulator codes.

Twitter Account:

Discord link:

Roblox power simulator Tokens price:

You can see the tokens price from here. If you need these tokens, you can buy them.

Number of Tokens Cost 
100 20R$
500 99 R$
1000 195 R$
2,500 375 R$
7,500 1,100 R$
20,000 2,750 R$
50,000 4,999 R$

Roblox Power Simulator training areas:

Here you can see all the training areas of Roblox Power Simulator.See the picture below.


Roblox Power Simulator ALL powers:

We added here the top 5 power in Roblox Power Simulator. I hope it will be helpful for you.

  1. Endurance.
  2. Psychic Force.
  3. Punch Power.
  4. Swiftness.
  5. Agility.

Conclusion: Hi, everyone welcomes this post. Here, we have discussed power simulator code and we added some workable code that is workable. You can try if you need free tokens.

If you have any questions regarding this post, please comment below the post.

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