Privacy policy

Please, First of all, know about our Privacy policy.


It is good to know that the highest privacy of our site information is protected. you don’t need any kind of personal information for using this site. We never have the right to disclose your personal information to others.

what kind of personal data do we collect from the user? 

Only registered users provide us with their personal information such as their name, phone number, address etc. if we collect any information from the user, we always try to protect their privacy.

From whom do we collect information?

we never collect any personal information from any user of our website. only from registered users, we collect data.

Privacy policy for cookies

we never save your browser cookies for any purpose. we don’t use your browsing cookies. if you have any hesitation, you can contact us.

How we use your information?

First of all, let me say that we are based on your information, we Provide you various offers, new products, features, functionality, etc. we sent an email and update information. Besides, we maintain our website and update based on your concept. Communicate with you and sent the information which you want.

Third-Party Privacy policy

we never use any third party link or website. we always try to use our own concept. we collect information from the internet and show it for you 100% right information.

Contact us

if you have any copyright issues, please sent a message to us. We will remove it within 72 hours.

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Our Advertise policy

We use always our original content and post without any copyright issues. We use Google AdSense for our advertising. we always follow Google Adsense policy and try to maintain our Content quality.