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(Yba Trello) & Yba Codes

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Yba Roblox Codes 2022

Your strange adventure makes up for it. The greatest approach to receiving free stuff is to use codes. This game developer distributes Codes for your strange adventure (yba) to their users at the start of each new season. Check out the list of codes below. When new codes are released, we always update our posts.

Your Bizarre Adventure Codes 2022

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How To Get Yba Codes

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Yba Trello | Your Bizarre Adventure Trello Page

You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for Roblox yba Trello. Trello is a web-based project management application. You may make any kind of presentation step by step with this. People will be able to understand things more easily in this manner. They do not include Trello yba. To find the Trello page, go to the link below.

Basic INFO

Parts (1-8) Off-side novels


Non – Canon
Jorge Joestar
Highway Child

Part 1 (Phantom Blood)

Part 2 (Battle Tendency)

Part 3 (Stardust Crusaders)

Part 4 (Diamond is Unbreakable)

Part 5 (Golden WInd)

Part 6 (Stone Ocean)

Part 7 (Steel Ball Run)

Part 8 (JoJolion)

Golden Heart, Golden Ring

Purple Haze Feedback


Psychological Manipulation
Time/Space Manipulation
Manual Charge
Passive Charge


Animal-like, Bound, Humanoid, Integrated, and Materialized, describe the form.
Pilot, Psychological Manipulation, and Time/Space Manipulation, refer to its type of power.
Time/Space Manipulation can refer to any form of time base moves, or messing with its environment in some way.
Psychological Manipulation can refer to anything in relation to the mind or soul.
Range Info:

Close Range
Long Range
Range Irrelevant
Evo Info:

Evolution Switch
Geb Info:


Long Range
Part 3 (Stardust Crusaders)


“Dying to water in the desert, isn’t that just ironic?”
Passive, while Geb is piloting you are blind, but you sense when a player moves, either by wind or by ground. (While in pilot mode you sit on the ground with a cane in hand) You can only see Geb move in the abyss of your sight and purple markers of movement (moves on the ground like Chariot Requiem, except the model is free to move underground, unlike other pilot stands)
E- Instant slash, comes up from ground dealing instant 7 damage with bleeding effect.
R- Slice n’ Dice, They now suffer from 3 damage bleeding
T- Water Defense Any projectiles for the next two seconds are parried.
Y- Kakyoin’s Blinded! Geb slashes at the opponent’s eyes causing them to see only black for five seconds. Deals 43 damage. Block-able.
H- Pilot, Geb sinks into the ground, you are now 90% blind only able to see geb and what look to be footsteps in purple
H and T+HOLD- You can see, but your stand’s hitbox grows with its model. (Peering out from the ground like a periscope) Hitbox is larger than that of the player.
Animation, he stands on the ground with a puddle beneath him, slithering like a snake whenever you move. note: cannot attack whilst “seeing”
Death 13


“La Li Ho! Isn’t it romantic to die inside a dream?”
E- Scythe slices, Several slices with the scythe each dealing 1.3 damage
R- Come closer, D13 moves forward lowering its scythe, then pulling anyone towards the user, dealing 23 damage.
T- Come with me, victim falls back (victim’s vision blackens) both the victim and D13’s User are transported to D13’s dream world. The victim can only use their stand for 15 seconds. Come with me lasts for 20 (can be lengthened) seconds.
Y- Causes any stands in the dream world to automatically attack the user when out. note: lasts for 5 seconds, can be activated when stunned.
Judgement Info

Close Range
Part 3 (Stardust Crusaders)


Passives, highlights item spawns in lime green, reduced damage.
E- Barrage, 1 dmg.
R- Finisher, 9 dmg.
T- Victim’s Friend, chooses a random player from the victim’s gang and summons, then uses Stand Enemy AI to attack them.
Y- False money, generates a random sum of money between 200-400 dollars. Will be the weird money drop glitch where it can not be picked up.

X- Fake item, when cursor hovers over an item spawn and this move is activated an item will be false for 30 seconds. If picked up the item begins to make them take damage, it will act as any other item besides the fact it reads “FAKE [item’s name].” If it is not picked up during the 30 second period it will shine for 2 seconds, while it shines it is a REAL item.

Here is the Yba Trello link.

Why You Need Yba Roblox Codes

The Yba Roblox Codes will assist you in receiving free rewards in the game that previously had to be purchased. Purchase with cash. We’ve compiled a list of working Yba Roblox Promotion Codes. You can obtain free goodies in the game by using these codes. Don’t forget to use our new Yba code from our list. I’m hoping you’ll receive at least one free prize in the game.

YBA Redeem Code Reddit

One of the most popular social media platforms is Reddit. This site is used by almost every game developer to share game codes. So, you can go to the New YBA codes Reddit page to acquire a new code. Furthermore, numerous gamers and YouTubers have posted game promo codes on their Reddit pages. As a result, you should adhere to their instructions in order to obtain the Active game and redeem vouchers for free gifts.


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